As one of many who read and was reached by the 2005 message & the great personal testimony shared by the members of Freedom I am honored and blessed to be able to contribute to this effort for 2006. WhyQuit and Freedom helped me to change my life in January of 2005.
I hope I can do the same for somone else in search of an answer to ridding themselves of their 'smoking problem'.
This message is written with the hope that somebody desperate to quit smoking is reading this New Year's Message - just like I was 1-year ago. If you happen to be researching or reading at this revolutionary resource - & FreedomFromTobaccoQuitSmokingNOW just let me assure you - You need to look no further for the truth, you have found the answer to every question you ever had about why you smoke and why you THINK you can't quit.
I found WhyQuit and subsequently 'Freedom' when I literally had my coat on and a script for Wellbutrin from my doctor in my hand. I kid you not, script in hand I was on the way to the Pharmacy to get it filled cause I knew it was time for me to quit smoking. Matter of fact - I'd known it had been time for me to quit smoking every New Year's for about 20 years. Wellbutrin was the last 'magic bullet' I had not tried. A neighbor friend had quit smoking using the twin drug Zyban. She had also subsequently relapsed to cigarette smoking in less than three months. I must admit that fact , her failure to quit for good, did disturb me. Awful expensive way to test a seemingly better but not fool proof method. But I had to use SOMETHING I thought at the time! I'd tried everything else!!
So just after lunch on 1/9/2005 I sat down at the computer and typed in 'quitting smoking with wellbutrin' in a google seach bar. I was curious about side effects. I was curious about effectiveness. On that day (it no longer does) whyquit came up as a top choice with this article Quit smoking aids - do they work?. So I stopped to read what was said about the drug.
The Law of Addiction was linked in that article. Then I read some more about the drug nicotine. Then I read about getting rid of nicotine and getting back control of me. And then a little later on I saw John's graphic of 'The Cycle of Addiction' and a LIGHT went onimage. The light of understanding. The light of truth. I had found what proved to be the KEY for me - disconnect the cycle by ceasing ingestion of nicotine and I would never NEED to smoke again. NTAP!
An hour or so had passed. My coat was now off, the script was in the garbage can under the desk in the study. After about 40 years of constant nicotine use I quit that day and after a session with Just one little puff I inhaled my last nicotine hit at 10:15 the next morning and QUIT.(that story is in my quit journey journal -@ Message 30 )
You don't need anything to 'help' you quit smoking. You need No 'Program', No Pills, No Patches, No Pieces of Gum, No Potions, No Powders in capsules.
To quit smoking you just need to - QUIT SMOKING!
All you need is Motivation, Determination and Education to Never take another puff, No Matter What. The relatively short period of adjustment to Dealing With Life Without Nicotine that is the quitting part can be challenging. Challenging but oh so Do-Able. The rewards on the other end of that period of adjustment are immeasurable.
Don't believe it? Spend an hour or two reading the TRUTH from THOUSANDS of Successful Quitters whose stories are shared in the archives of the FreedomFromTobacco forum who have quit for good, quit for Life - by simply sticking to an unbroken committment to NTAP!
JoeJ - NicotineFree and Living as I was meant to be for Eleven Months, Two Days, 4 Hours and 47 Minutes, while reclaiming 29 Days and 4 Hours,
by choosing not to use 8405 nicotine delivery devices that would have cost me $1,683.13.