Thanks for the opportunity to post to this thread! At this time last year I was just double green and so proud...I'm still proud, but now I'm gold! My message:
I'm very happy to be posting this message to the New Year's 2006 page, and very glad that you clicked on this link. I have a very important message for you. YOU CAN QUIT SMOKING!
It doesn't cost anything, you don't have to go to any meetings and you don't have to take anything.
Unfortunately, it took me 27 years of a-pack-a-day smoking and the death of both my parents from smoking-related diseases to discover this fact.
Whether you have been smoking (or taking nicotine in any other form) for less or more time than I have doesn't matter at all. Just like every other goal, quitting smoking is reached one day at a time. If you can quit for an hour, you can quit for the rest of your life. The trick is to take it little by little. One day at a time, or one hour, even one minute at a time. Your healing begins as soon as you stop nicotine. My healing is a beautiful gift I give myself every day I stay smoke free.
Don't let your addiction (yes, addiction!) convince you to spend another year abusing your health and risking your life. That next cigarette (or dip, or pipe, or chew) could be the start of a process that ends in your sickness and death, as it has for millions of Americans in just the past year.
You DONT have to be one of them. Use the amazing resource that is this site to get educated about nicotine addiction. Use this information to fuel a quit that you'll be able to maintain for the rest of your life, by following one simple (maybe not easy! but simple) rule, Never Take Another Puff!*
(*Or dip, or pipe, or chew!)
Bernadette, 44, quit 15 months by the time you read this!