What brings you here?
Are you are looking for the answer to the question that plagues every smoker who has come to the realization that they need to quit - "I want to quit but I how do I do it?" The problem seems insurmountable and just the thought of quitting is enough to bring on the urge for a cigarette and foil this day's attempt. Although you steal a few minutes of your life with each cigarette that you smoke, you find ways to justify each one or you smoke them absent mindedly because you have surrendered control of your life to nicotine, the most addictive substance known to man.
www.whyquit.com is a online nicotine cessation support site that does not discriminate based on how you use nicotine. Because it does not matter how you prefer to get it, by smoking or chewing tobacco, by chewing gum, using the inhaler, sucking a losenge or by applying the patch, we are all addicted just the same. Quitting won't cost you anything except the time it takes you to read and learn about your addiction. Knowledge of your addiction to nicotine is the only tool you need to insure that you never take another puff, dip, chew, patch, spray or losenge.
Your internet search for help with quitting landed you here - by chance? You went looking. You took the first step. Do you know what it takes to quit? We do. You don't need to pay a fee, sign a contract or join a group. Your nicotine free life begins here.
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