My husband and I have been smokers for 39 years. We would buy 2 cartons of cigarettes each week. Soon the carton didn't last, so I estimate we smoked 14 pack a week each. I remember thinking how weak people were when I heard they were abusing drugs or prescription pain medications or alcohol. Then one day I had to look at myself and think how am I different from the people with these other addictions.
I think for the last 5 years my husband and I have really wanted to quit, but convinced ourselves that we really enjoyed smoking or we would have stopped. We would feel like lepers when we had a cigarette in our mouths yet got defensive because this was a legal act, wasn't it?
To make a long story short somehow I bumped into the WhyQuit site and started reading, and reading some more. I tried to sign on but did something wrong and was denied so I have been a lurker since 1/31/05 when my husband and I beat the odds and quit smoking together. He didn't read at WhyQuit but I did and I am sure without the support to keep my convictions strong and never take another puff we would not have lasted, because although his quit was his, and mine was mine, the support was imperative to keeping my willpower strong.
I would implore anyone wanting to quit to lurk at this site if for no other reason to see that everything you are feeling has been felt before, to know that any excuse you think up to have another smoke was thought before and most importantly you are not alone in this battle and it is not IMPOSSIBLE to break this addiction. It great to be free one day at a time.
Susan Muskego, WI