I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about lung cancer.

My mother had lung surgery earlier this year. Like most, she felt smoking would never have an affect on her health. My mother learned the hard way that smoking causes lung cancer and other serious diseases. While she did end up with a scar similar to the one shown above, the photo does not describe what she went through during the past six months.

First there was the anxiety of being in a large metal tube for over an hour during the PET scan. Next was the pain that her biopsy caused and the shock of being told the result. There was the apprehension of undergoing major surgery. The severe pain as she spent 4 days in ICU and 10 additional days in the hospital because the chest tubes needed to stay in her. Before the numbness of the incision was gone, next came months of chemotherapy, which turned out to be more difficult than the surgery. Imagine spending 5 days a week in bed, in considerable pain and too weak to eat or even to walk. The hair loss was difficult to accept, but the weekly trips to be given the chemo were almost unbearable. You have to willing ingest drugs that are essentially poison which cause nearly unbearable fatigue and cause you to vomit throughout the ensuing week.

For those without insurance, this process will also make you financially bankrupt.

Several months before my mother's diagnosis, I found whyquit.com and the Freedom site. They have helped me and hundreds of others to find and keep the freedom of not smoking. If you want to successfully quit, stick around. You will be glad you did. image