Are you still thinking about quitting,
wanting a life without nicotine so much
but still coming up with loads of
reasons why you can't do it today?
There is really nothing to be afraid or scared of if you do it the Cold-Turkey-way.
Don't let anybody tell you that you need NRT-products to replace nicotine with nicotine.
You are the one person who can take your life back.
You honestly don't have to wait for the New Year or for that magic moment when you know it is time - you can just go ahead, do it, cherish the one and only life you have got and give yourself and all those who love you the best gift anybody could possibly think of! image
No matter how young / old you are or feel: It Is never too Late!
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You know you want it: so allow yourself to follow your dreams! image
Not that you need to but have you ...
Once you have taken off, there are not a thousand or more rules to obey,
all you ever really need to do it this ...
What are you waiting for?
Don't think you can't do it - as you most certainly can!!
Don't be scared or afraid:
Just go ahead and do it ... you are really, really worth it!!
who celebrates 391 days and a bit days of nicotine free living today and
who also was exactly where you are now just over a year ago.