imageWelcome to those considering giving up nicotine!
Tell me, where you fall in this list:
It is impossible for me to quit smoking.
It is improbable that I can quit smoking.
It is possible that I can quit smoking.
It is probable that I can quit smoking.
It is doable.
If you are near the top of the list, you are likely thinking "forever" and that is scary. It sure scared me for 25 years of smoking. How do we turn improbable into possible... possible into probable... probable into doable? How do we move down the list?
imageLet's go to the opposite of "forever". I guess that would be very small chunks of time. Well every smoker knows that they can go without nicotine for an hour. An hour is doable. How about a day? Too much to ask? Let's string together some hours. At the end of the first hour, try it again. This hour is doable. Look at the clock. Just this hour. You know you can do it. Now do it again. Just this hour. Repeat.
Well wait a minute. These hours are not pleasant. No, not the first 72 hours (usually, not always by the way). And some more after that even. But the more hours you rack up, the more comfortable you become. How do you know that? Talk to anyone who has quit. Anyone. They are not aching for a smoke. After a while they don't even think about it. It is true that everything you do with nicotine, you can do without nicotine. That includes coping with life. How do we do that? Get nicotine out of your system and keep living.
One hour at a time turns into one day at a time. One day at a time turns into Never Take Another Puff. And then this is living without slavery to a drug.
You deserve it. Move down the list, one hour at a time.
~ Kay (Gold) ~
Celebrating 1 Year, 7 Hours and 56 Minutes of Freedom.
Forsaking 7327 doses of poison has liberated $2,380.17 and 25 Days and 10 Hours of my life.