The cigarette, when smoked, is a very effective killing device! (I didn't say efficient, I said effective). When used as intended, half of those who smoke cigarettes will die from it. Some slowly, from diseases like lung cancer or emphysema. Some more quickly from heart attacks and such. The substance in cigarettes that makes it all possible, and that causes people to want to keep smoking more and more, is nicotine -reputedly the most highly addictive substance on earth-- a drug so captivating that most of those who use it cannot free themselves from its enslavement.

You are here at this website because you have been looking for information on a way to end your enslavement to smoking (nicotine). Let me suggest: you need look no further. Everything you need to know about nicotine and addiction, smoking, how to stop and what to expect, and how to reach freedom can be found here at .

Quitting will take a little effort on your part and a commitment to yourself to not take that puff when the urges and craves are at there most demanding. As each day of not smoking continues to build on top of the one before it, more and more of the freedom from the shackles of nicotine will find its way to you. You can do this!! Millions of comfortable ex-smokers already have!

Of the hundreds of thousands of poisonous puffs of cigarette smoke that you've ingested into your lungs over the years, are you willing to gamble that the very next puff won't be the one that plants the seed of lung cancer in you? …Or be the one that overloads your circulatory system and causes your heart to stop?

Everything in life worth having takes a little effort (your health, your very life itself?). Aren't you worth the effort?

Richard (after 33+ years of smoking, free for 10 months and 3 weeks)