If you are reading here, I know you must have an interest in what cold turkey quitting is about. I can testify that it is about giving yourself the gift of life. To continue to smoke is to cripple, kill and shatter dreams for the future. How do I know this? I have early emphysema and my husband has lung cancer, thanks to smoking. Did I ever think it could happen to us? Never in a million years did I think it could happen to us. There was no cancer in my husbands family and no emphysema in mine. I hope you will take time to explore this site. It is second to none for education and support. We would love to have you join us.
sue -gold
One year, eight months, three weeks, four days, 2 hours, 46 minutes and 33 seconds. 25444 cigarettes not smoked, saving $3,676.75. Life saved: 12 weeks, 4 days, 8 hours, 20 minutes.