What words could I write in this thread that could possibly serve as the one that finally strikes a chord within someone's heart and opens their sensors to the realization of what smoking really is? What pictures or visualizations could be posted for all to see that finally imprint in ones mind the true reality of the most common form of addcition in our society today, as well as the destructive characteristics associated with it?
Prior to writing this, I tossed it around in my mind occasionally for most of today. I reflected on my own 35 + years of active addiction to nicotine at 2-3 packs per day. I remembered how over the last 10 years, give or take, how disgusted I was with myself. I remembered how each time withdrawal signaled my need to again replenish my drug of choice, the agonizing thoughts that raced through my mind knowing how much I desired to quit but never knew how. I solemnly remembered my immediate family members who died at early ages most likely hastened by years of substance abuse.
My thoughts turned to my own quit date just under 3 years ago. My hopes and dreams of finally taking control of my addcition shattered within hours as they were for so many years as I felt I could handle just one puff to relieve the stress experiencing from withdrawal. I thought of that promise I made to myself after yet another failure, to go just 24 hours for the first time in over 35 years without nicotine. I thought of the feeling of accomplishment and pride I was feeling when I looked at the clock to see the final seconds tick off after succeeding for 24 hours.
This brings me to my final statement regarding anyones desire to quit. I believed in myself for just 24 hours. That success opened my eyes to the possibility I could finally do this & become the x-smoker I longed to be.
Is it easy? No, you will have challenges. Is it worth it? Beyond belief. Do I believe you can do it? You bet your life I do. Now you ask, How do I do it? My answer is one minute, one hour or on day at a time. Believe in yourself just a little.
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