Every ex-smoker, whether they've been quit three months or thirty years, was once where you are now - sick of smoking and discouraged about ever quitting.

I smoked at least a pack a day for 32 years. Until I took the advice offered at this site I'd never quit for longer than three days. Since coming here I haven't had any nicotine since November 18, 2004. On that date I could not imagine going the rest of my life without cigarettes. Today I know it's not only possible, but likely.

Whatever I liked about smoking is gone with the wind. So is everytthing I hated about it; the stench, the bad breath, the mad rushes to the store, the standing outside in the rain or cold, the wrinkled nose from my wife, the sudden absences from meetings and events, the excuses. Everything bad about smoking, everything that embarassed me about it, everything I feared about it is gone.

At the end of all my earlier quit attempts there was that one cigarette that brought me back. The difference is that I stopped thinking about never smoking again and instead focused on not having the next cigarette. Just that one. I worried about the next one when the urge came. One and a half months later and I still haven't had that one cigarette. I don't even want it anymore.

Some other things that helped:

1. Do not carry cigarettes with you. It's just playing Russian Roulette.

2. Don't change your routine. If you change anything, go to bed earlier.

3. Download Joel's Library and read it.

4. Stay busy.

5. Read Joel's Library again.

6. Take deep breaths or a seres of short, quick breaths during craves.

7. Read Joel's Library again.

8. One day, one hour, one minute at a time.


Quit smoking on November 18, 2004 after 32 years.