By reading here, you're displaying the interest in smoking cessation that we've all experienced, sometimes more than once. I did it too, and bookmarked this site to come back to, reading and indulging in self-flagellation over my own smoking relapse after a TWELVE year quit lost to faulty thinking that I could "have just one." When I finally came to realize and ACCEPT that I was an addict, the "never take another puff" concept of cold turkey became crystal clear. If I could do this, you can too. Do yourself the favor of your life (literally) and read everything you can here. Joel's library and all the posts on this site are the absolute key to the education that will sustain you when all else falls away. We'd love to have you become a member of the world's best quitters. your quit sis, JD
Judy is GOLD and has been nic free for: 1Y 11M 1W 1D and has NOT smoked 31902 smelly cigs, for a grand $$$ savings of $5,343.63 plus life of Freedom extended by: 3M 2W 4D 18h 30m.