Come here! I'd like to ask you a question. How many years have you put off quitting until tomorrow, until New Year's, until after the big presentation at work......I could go on. Funny how the right moment never seemed to happen, isn't it? Well I'm going to tell you a truth here...the right moment isn't going to come. C'mon..Do you really believe that IF you run across a peaceful, stess free week in your life, you'd actually voluntarily forsake the peace and quit smoking? Or would you savour the peaceful moment by having a cigarette? The best moment is now. Yes--Now! You might say "What's the urgency?" The urgency is this...Every day you put it off you're taking the chance that your first sign something is wrong, it'll be too late. What if the cigarette that you smoke in the next 10 minutes is the one that finally blocks the artery to your heart? What if the cigarette you smoke in the next 10 minutes is the one that causes a pre-cancerous cell to turn cancerous? Look at it when you're smoking it and consider "What if"? For thousands of people worldwide EVERY DAY this is the reality and it could be YOU! What could be more urgent than that??? Oh, you're too young for that you say? Drop by here and meet Noni, Brian, Kim and Sean. Not a one of them over 50.
Look, none of us here are saying that it will be easy to do. It is however, extraordinarily simple. We can give you the education and support to make it happen. You have supply the commitment.
Angie - 11 Months 1 Week 3 Days 17 Hours 38 Minutes 17 Seconds. Cigarettes not smoked: 2765. Money saved: C$1,106.35 I've reclaimed 2 Wks 5 Days 4 Hrs 58 Mins 47 Secs of my life.