I spent two weeks doing what you're doing right now- reading the information on this website. At some point, I couldn't stand it anymore. I force-fed myself all the negative statistics, all the sad stories, all the death, all the lost lives, all the pain and suffering. I cried a LOT.

And then I quit- and I cried even more. But I saw clean air flowing into my lungs- healing them. I swore that I would never again stand at that convenience store altar and ask for death, and hand the guy a $5 for it.

And then I made it through the 72 hours, and got accepted to join this wonderful community of support- and I cried again. This time, happy tears. Happy that I'm free. So little to worry about now. I don't carry hand lotion, perfume, and gum, to cover up bad smells. I don't change clothes before a date because of the smell. I don't have to stand outside while my family is sharing memories. I've gotten so much out of life already.

And it's only been 7 days. A hard-fought for 7 days. But 7 days of learning a new way to live every minute of it.