Read this if you're under 25
and you've got the thought that it's way too early to quit. You just started a few years ago. People don't get cancer til they're like 60. You are still in your prime. You have years to smoke away and be in your prime and still quit in plenty of time to be sensible and safe.
Wrong. This sort of thinking is very, very beguiling. It seems unanswerable. So why are you here? You have come to this website and now you are reading this, so you must be having different thoughts, too. Thoughts like: I should quit now, while I still have time to. It's only going to get harder as the years go by. I feel gross and sick a lot, I smell like crap, I'd rather buy a pack of smokes than lunch if it came to that. I avoid hanging out with my family because I can't smoke around them and I feel guilty.
I'm 23 years old. I started smoking when I was 14 and smoked a pack a day from then until a year ago. Let me give you a few possible answers to some of these "unanswerable" thoughts:
imageI still have time. People don't get cancer until they're like 60.
This is simply not true. Read about Gruen's Missing Jaw - age 17 and about Sean Marsee - age 19. These are extreme cases. But they're not that rare. Cigarettes are filled with huge quantities of unbelievably deadly substances.
imageI can afford to smoke. I'm still in my prime.
I used to think this all the time. Now I think it sounds sort of like saying, "I'm full of energy today! It makes sense for me to drink a can of paint. If I were old and tired, it wouldn't make sense to drink the can of paint. But I can afford it now." The prime of your life is a wonderful time that will not last forever and, once it's gone, will never come again. Since I have quit I have felt young. I have energy. I am calm and relaxed. When I was a smoker I was always freaking out because I needed to smoke whenever anything happened. Now I'm enjoying myself.
You've come to a wonderful place. You're thinking about things that are true and real. And though I don't wish to sound melodramatic, time is not really so long as you might imagine.
I am here to testify that I am 23 years old and that quitting smoking has been the most wonderful thing I have ever done. It has made my life 25 times more enjoyable. It can do it for you, too.
One more thought..the world is busting at the seams with people in their 40's, 50's, and 60's who would give almost anything to have quit when they were our age. They thought they had time, too.
Happy New Year!
1 Year and 1 Day free from Cigarettes and Nicotine.