My story is much the same as everyone elses. Except that I've continued to smoke for 49 years! Hopefully most folks are not this slow, and will see the light a little sooner!
Oh, I've quit before. A few times I've even quit for over a year. But I lost all those quits due to one simple fact. I didn't understand the nature of addiction!
My best friend of 50 years is a true "social smoker". Together, we learned to smoke all those years ago. She's always been able to take them, or leave them. Somehow she never got addicted. I wanted to be a sometimes smoker like she was! And I would decide I would be one, every time I had a substantial amount of time not smoking under my belt. I would tell myself I would only smoke "when"..........(fill in the blank. "when" I drink, "when" I'm with other smokers, "when" I'm stressed, etc. etc.)
It was not until I became educated at Freedom and, that I understood that I can NEVER be a social smoker. For me and the other nicotine addicts here, it is impossible, because we can never have "just one" cigarette. Those "just one" cigarettes always became thousands. Those "just one" cigarettes are the reason I've always relapsed in past quit attempts.
The "Law of Addiction" is very simple. The law addiction states that administration of a drug to an addict will cause reestablishment of the dependence on that substance. I'm so happy to finally understand the truth of this, as it applies to me and my nicotine addiction! And this knowledge is reinforced in many different ways by reading the articles and posts. I wish I had this understanding long, long ago.
To anyone thinking of quitting, I urge you to quit now! I don't think you'll ever find anywhere, the quantity and quality of information that you have access to here at Freedom and You do not have to post, or even to join, as all of the information is freely accessable to everyone! Some of us think it is helpful to post, others choose not to. The important thing is to read a lot.
Make a committment to yourself to get educated about your addiction. Once you really start learning, I think it dramatically ups your chances of succeeding in your quit. You literally become too educated to smoke!
Three months, two weeks, 16 hours, 41 minutes and 39 seconds. 2113 cigarettes not smoked, saving $475.82. Life saved: 1 week, 8 hours, 5 minutes.