Twenty six years ago I told myself that it was okay to smoke because I could quit anytime that I wanted to...
I just didn't expect that I would want to smoke for twenty six years.

In fact I wanted to quit a long time ago. I just did not understand my addiction and how to deal with it. I learned all I needed to know by reading Joel's library at
I printed out Joel's booklet and read it cover to cover over and over again.

It worked for me. I knew what I would face during the most difficult days of withdrawl and that made the difference. Anyone who is successful at anything is prepared or very lucky. I did not want to take a chance on the rest of my life - I chose education over luck. I am an ex-smoker and you can be too. Why go it alone when you can have the collective wisdom of so many who have come before you to tell you what you will face and approximately how long it will last.

You don't need to sign any contracts, send any money or proclaim your belief in any God. You only need do one thing.
Get your notebook ready... Never take another puff.

I have chosen not to smoke one day at a time for the past 79 days.