How nice not to have to deal with the thought of having to quit ever again. New Years brings back many memories of "uh-oh" feelings of anticipation as I stonily marched towards uneducated cold-turkey quits. Stonily because the anxiety and fear of failure loomed next to me like a shadow.
The answer to all fears -
I've been quit now for over 10 months and have many whyquit pearls of wisdom in my "napsack" to defeat the odd urges and occassional delusions that smoking would be a good idea.
Please, please, listen to everyone here and believe that we were no different than yourselves before our quit. And now, we enjoy freedom, taste buds, a far clearer conscience and pockets lines with $'s. Freedom is the biggest benefit of quitting for me. Not carrying around that ball and chain any longer.
Welcome aboard those of you who wish to join .. we're here for ya ...
And thank you to those of you here who have helped keep my quit on the straight and narrow.
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