As you read the words on this page, the testimonies of nicotine addicts like yourself who came before you, either with the excitement of having just quit or the trepidation of someone contemplating a quit, I hope that you will take a moment to pause and consider your options. If you continue to smoke, your chances are 50/50 that smoking will kill you. In some cases quickly, in others slowly and painfully. Your options are a 50/50 chance of an early death by your own hand or a life free of tobacco and nicotine. Which will you choose?
You are here seeking help. I know it is so, because all who find themselves here and read, like I once did, stay and read because what they have found is a promise of relief from the burden of nicotine addiction. If you didn't think it was a good idea to quit, then why do you find yourself reading these words?

We have the answers to all of your questions. We know the secret to quitting once and for good. We are a free, nicotine recovery support group and knowledge base. Smoking cigarettes or chewing tobacco or using nicotine replacement has already cost you physically, mentally and financially. Freedom from tobacco will cost you nothing except an investment in yourself. The dividends you will earn when you quit will not just be in the money that you save but the life you will rediscover as you learn that you don't need tobacco to live, to cope, to celebrate, to mourn or to contemplate.
Come learn the truth about cigarettes, chewing tobacco, and nicotine replacement. Most important of all come learn how good life can be without them. The day you leave them behind will become a defining moment in your life. Let us help you learn how to Never Take Another Puff, dip or chew.
Perhaps you can relate to some our stories. Have you ever ... ?
Smoke free and nicotine free for 2 years, 2 months.