You have made a decision to stop smoking, you have been searching for answers, you have probally read other sites, articles anything that will make this easier - well look no further you have come home - if you are committed to take control of your life acknowledge that you are an addict, then be prepared to absorb the knowledge here www.whyquit.com ,take back your life and become a happier, healthier, and wealthier person.
All you need to do is invest 72 hours to become clean - then it is simply mind over matter and one day at a time, reading or listening here to reinforce your desire to become an ex smoker. No one can do this for you, this has to be your quit - I personally have had such an easy quit after 35 years of smoking, thats not to say I am complacent .
  1. I can breathe, I don't cough in the morning anymore
  2. I have whiter teeth
  3. My skin has a glow that I havent seen for ages
  4. I don't smell anymore
  5. I love my food, taste and smell has returned
  6. I am richer
  7. Maybe I have just saved my life by adding a few more natural years.

This is to just name a few wonderful things that have happened to me.

So if you are an AUSSIE (or anyone else) what are you waiting for.


Suzie - Free and Healing for Two Months, Twenty Three Days, 10 Hours and 59 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy 4 Days and 16 Hours, by avoiding the use of 1351 nicotine delivery devices that would have cost me $610.21.