There's no magic pill. There's no magic wand.
But you do have to be truthful with yourself. You have an addiction. The good news is that you're not alone.
I was a smoker for about 12 years, by the time I quit I was nearing 2 packs per day. I was also a child raised by chain-smoking parents who in those days didn't try very hard to keep their kids away from secondhand smoke. To say smoking was part of my identity is an understatement.
I always knew one day I would quit, the problem was "How?" On one hand I'd heard cold turkey was the only way to go, on the other I'd heard that cold turkey was about as fun as a self-inflicted beheading. I also heard that I would be suffering the rest of my life. I was at rock-bottom.
I found WhyQuit by accident, I was preparing to engage another patch-aided quit. (notice I said "another") When I started reading Joel's articles something happened, it was like a light went on. It just made sense. Remember when you were a kid and something was happening that you didn't quite understand, you just wanted someone to tell you what was going on? That's Joel. And that's ALL of the members here at Freedom, we will help guide you through the haze of withdrawal and we will welcome you to the ex-smoker's section through the use of education, support, and logic. That's it! It really is that simple.
Life here is full of fresh air, sweet smelling aromas and total comfort!
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Kicking Butt for 4 Years, 2 Months+