Hello Fellow quiters,
Congratulations!!! You have foune the greatest ssource of education regarding
smoking cessation. After a 2+ pack a day, 44 year deadly addiction I am now
celebrating 3 yerss of freedom. How was this accomplished?? Education!
Education! Education! Read the material offered at this site and educate your-
self. I cannot stress enough the importance of learning and understanding the law
of addiction. Additionally I recomend thant you take it one day at a time. Do not
look to far down the road. When you wake up tell yourself "Today I will not
smoke" and tomorrow will take care of itself. You Can Do This!!! All it takes is
to NTAP ( never take another puff).
Wishing you all a nicotine free 2007.
Tom, 36 months of glorious freedom.
Pennsylvania, USA