"Why I Thought I'd Never Quit"
Don't have a real good answer for that one. I guess it's because I hadn't been able to succeed in doing so despite several 'assisted' or 'educated' &/or 'Prescribed' episodes over the last 25 years or so. Because I'd never been fully educated about who held the Key to my Freedom. I didn't understand what it meant to be a nicotine addict nor did I fully comprehend the irrefutable simplicity of The Law of Addiction.
(and how surprisingly different things are
now that we have - the whole truth)
The Truth: The Final Truth
Turns out we all possess the Secret Key to our Freedom From Nicotine.
We are able to choose for ourselves
by finally no longer allowing nicotine any say in the matter.
I'm not different but my life sure has been changed for the better since I decided I wanted to be 'Just Me' again after 40 years.
image Never Take Another Puff image
If you don't want to smoke or chew tobacco then .....don't ingest tobacco.
Easier said than done but do-able all the same.
"Because I'm not done livin' yet."
JoeJFree from the demands of my addiction for
Two Years on January 10 2007