Freedom from nicotine is incredible. So incredibly free! i've gained more hours to my day and definately more money in my pocket. i can climb stairs & hills without huffing and puffing. i haven't had one cold (!) since i quit. i don't miss out on good conversation any more (because i don't have to run out for a smoke on the back porch in the rain). and i feel back in control. i had no idea how much nicotine was in control until i stopped. education is the key.....i read here for days and days before setting a quit date. and then i kept reading....thru the balmy, wacky first weeks of withdrawal, and then thru the days and weeks and months that have followed. i taped affirmations up all over my apartment....i congratulated myself at the end of each day as a former smoker. it was hard. and i did it. i did with with the support of everyone at Freedom.....those who came before me and those who are coming along behind me. there's a lot of power here....and all you have to remember is NTAP. kris at 7months26days