We live in a cynical world. A world where simple good intent is often see through suspicious eyes. A world of "instant everything". A world where we are conditioned to believe that (a) if someone tells you that something's good for you, that you must suspect their motives, (b) if someone offers you something good for free, then please - there must be a catch somewhere, (c) that nicotine cessation is some mystical impossibly high mountain to climb, (d) that quitting nicotine successfully must involve the use of pharmacological (NRT) support or some new age therapy that involves people sticking needles into your body or hypnotizing you off into la-la land.

But the truth - as they say - is out there. Where is that? Right here - at Why Quit and at these Freedom message boards. No wheels inside wheels. No hidden agendas. No incomprehensible gibberish. Just the pure, unadulterated truth about this insidiuous addiction delivered in a language and format that will have you - like many thousands of others - shaking your head in amazement.
The premise is ridiculously simple. We'll (Why Quit / Freedom) teach you everything there is to know about nicotine addiction. We'll teach you about quitting cold turkey. We'll show you the best way to maximize your chances to stay quit. And along the way, we'll inspire, motivate and support your quit through continuous education, reinforcement and rock solid support from your Freedom quit brothers and sisters. And for all this, we ask not for your money. Nor your time. All we ask is that you use all these awesome resources in order to stay true and committed to your own quit. How's that for an all round great deal?

Quitting nicotine cold turkey is possible. It is do-able. It is simple. The many thousands of Members at these Freedom boards is all the proof that this pudding will ever require. Whether a member of Freedom or not, know that all of WhyQuit.Com , each of Freedom's 22 Message Boards , all of Joel's Library and Joel's Videos , and the ability to ask questions at are available to you to aid and assist your recovery.

Good health back in your body. Money back in your pocket. A revitalized "can do" spirit back into your soul. The loss of your smoker pariah status. Self esteem and self respect off the charts. A substantially improved quantity and quality of life. Still thinking? C'mon, it's a no brainer. Isn't it high time that you made the cyber acquaintance of Joel Spitzer and John Polito? Nicotine addiction stories always end badly. You now have the power to positively affect how your story will end.

Robin - I saw the light 1 year and 6 months ago.

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