Question: What is so high you cannot go over it, so wide you cannot go around it, so low you cannot go under it?
Answer: a door
If you are reading these messages, you are either an active addict who wants to stop, or a non active addict who is seeking assistance in maintaining your quit.
My advise: Read this site for the education it will provide concerning our addiction.
Heed the advise freely given at and Succeed in never taking another puff.
I know it may seem simple, it is. The only thing necessary to join the thousands of non smokers here is to never take another puff.
Understand the Law of Addiction, there is no way over it, around it or under it.
Make the acknowledgement of addiction and commitment to yourself, you can't stay clean for another person.
Follow the advise, it works. All of the articles and tapes by Joel and others here are from experience.
Regards and Best Wishes for your Quit
Randy, from Texas
Free At Last, after 32+years of feeding the addiction 40+times a day