I often ask myself why did I wait so long to quit this deadly addiction? I had the desire to quit for the past 20 or so years, so that's not the reason. I knew I was a slave to nicotine not even able to utter the lie" I smoke because I enjoy it. So that's not the reason. The reason is quit simple it just took a long time for me to find it. That reason is knowledge and as far as nicotine addiction is concerned knowledge is power. I found this website and was educated beyond any of the junkie lies that I had been telling myself. I found out that quitting nicotine in any form is not a sentance it is a freedom, a freedom that I had all along but was too ignorant to pursue. If your reading this you too are ready to unlock your freedom from nicotine. It really is so doable. I am not stronger than nicotine, but I am way smarter.
Scott 9 months + free from nicotine and loving every minute.