Welcome to Freedom!

We're glad you found us! This is the Internet's only quitting site where nicotine has no voice - none, zero. By that I mean each new member admitted to the group must be nicotine free, and in order to retain group posting privileges they must remain 100% nicotine free, as any relapse at all, even one puff, permanently forfeits group posting privileges. But why?

Well, drug addiction is about living a lie. It's about the brain's priorities teacher, our dopamine pathways, having been taken hostage by an external chemical. It's about those captive pathways innocently doing their designed function, in falsely teaching us that smoking or chewing nicotine is one of the most important activities in life, akin to accomplishment, eating, drinking water, nurturing, bonding and reproduction.

Why can't you starve yourself to death? What part of your brain rewards you with "aaah" sensations when you think about food and even a bigger "aaah" when you eat, and then punishes you with urges and craves when you go too long without eating? The natural insecticide nicotine so resembles the acetylcholine molecule in shape that, by chance, once inside your brain it fits acetylcholine receptor locks that have now forced you to see nicotine as being as important as food.
Those nicotine captive pathways long ago totally buried  nearly all remaining memory of the real you. They've trained you to believe that smoking nicotine defines who you are, gives you your edge, helps you cope and survive and that life without it will be horrible.

Until we are out from under nicotine's immediate influence, our rational, thinking brain has little choice but to invent excuses for complying with the endless stream of urges flowing from our inner limbic brain. We each lived the lies for years. We figure that there needs to be at least one place on planet earth where nicotine has no voice, where the lies actually stop. You've found it. Welcome to Freedom!

Here you'll learn how nicotine dependency makes life more stressful not less, how it's hard work being an actively feeding addict. The lessons are varied and many, including overcoming billions spent by the tobacco industry in brainwashing you to believe that you smoke for flavor and taste. Taste? You'll soon awaken to the realization that there are zero taste buds inside human lungs.

Your greatest recovery weapon of all is your intelligence, your now addicted mind. Although knowledge is a powerful quitting tool, the lies grow so vast and consuming that it is rather rare when the enslaved mind both stumbles upon a meaningful opportunity to learn about nicotine dependency recovery, and is receptive to doing so. Usually more lies get in the way.

We do hope you'll visit us often as knowledge truly is power. One more thing about Freedom. Please note that this forum is run like a real recovery support group, which means that the number of new members admitted to the group each day is limited by our group's ability to support them.
Each January we receive far more applications for membership than we can possibly support. If at capacity and your application isn't accepted don't get discouraged as Freedom's windows are wide open and you have complete access to all posts that members see. If you have questions, don't hesitate to submit them to either Freedom's managers at [email protected] or to our resident expert and education director Joel Spitzer at [email protected]

While here, be sure and explore www.WhyQuit.com, spending quality reading and viewing time inside Joel's Library

Breathe deep, hug hard, live long,

John (Gold x8)

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