Withdrawal does not last forever! If it did, I would not be here.
I'd be smoking but wishing I could quit. Are you ready to reclaim
your life from this addiction???


Here's where I was when my quit got started:

July 7th, 2006
- I was reading  (click>>>)  WhyQuit.Com   for the first time at my computer; smokes,
lighter and ashtray in their usual place; beside me.
I had heard about this site on an online social network earlier that day.
I first read about  Bryan Lee Curtis - age, a young 34 ; then  "Nicodemon's" Lies?  Powerful stuff!
Realized I hadn't had a cigarette for a while. Clock
I was inspired to finally take a leap of faith. If others can do this, then maybe I can too!
No mournful and desperate good-bye to  'just one more cigarette' as I had done many times before.
Just never lit up again. What would be the point!
I think I had quit smoking! Yes, I believe I did! Now that's a point that changed my life!
Kept on reading. Fears were subsiding; hopes were arising!
Now there are  Daily stop smoking video lesson guides  to help you navigate the early days!
[I joined the forums later. (optional and free) Only prerequisite is 72 hours nicotine-free!]

It really was that simple!  Idea Uncomplicated would be another way to put it.
If you want to quit, then that's what you need to do. Quit!
No patch, puff, inhale, suck, cut down, press buttons on some gizmo, chew,
inoculate, acupuncture, mesmerize, swallow pills, drink or whatever else is out there to
supposedly 'help' a person to quit.
You are not the most addicted-to-nicotine person on the planet who thinks they can't quit.
(But I will admit that before I quit smoking, I thought that I was!
Bring on the brain surgery to quit for me!) Smileo  Seriously, I said this a lot! 
So there is hope for you smokers, tobacco chewers, patch and gum addicts!
Learn what to expect. There is tons of information!

Before I came upon WhyQuit, I expected the worst.Sad
Because I came to WhyQuit, I got a SMILEY >>>>Teeth

S -upport
  M -otivation
      I -nspiration
         L -iberty
             E -ducation
                Y -earning for healthy living

Don't wait for next year's New Year's resolutions to rid yourself of this addiction!
Get yourself a  Free quit smoking meter  and start counting your success right NOW!
Mine still runs on my desktop! Just because......I am a proud and happy ex-smoker!
If you think that anything free like WhyQuit and FreedomFromNicotine Forums are too
good to be true, then consider the savings you will amass from quitting as payment/reward to yourself. 
Now, aren't you worth every cent not spent?

And our stats are:

Wendy & RandyRainbowUsing our smarts! Healing our parts! for over 4 years; together we've not wasted over 370 days of the act of puffing;  and we have avoided the use of almost 107,000 of those sickarettes that would have cost us about $42,500. (not cheap in Canada)