My name is Kim. I am also a nicotine addict, but free from it now.
I have to come back to this site every now and then just to reafirm my commitment and
re-educate myself about why I quit in the first place.
I found Freedom when I was surfing the net looking for the next latest and greatest smoking cessation tool. Whyquit came up and I
checked it out. I thank my lucky stars every day from that day forward. This website classroom made me realize just how strong I was.
I learned why I smoked, why this drug had a hold on me and how to deal with emotions without nicotene. Best of all I learned how to give it up.
Now I know that I can do anything I set my mind to. You see, I always thought I was weak because I could not get myself off of the nicotene,
I am off now, and will never, ever, take another puff, because I know that's all it will take to hook myself again.
I can breath now, I smell like my perfume, not stinky old smoke. I have so much more money, It is a great feeling not having to injest nicotene anymore.
You all can do this. So there you go newbies, you can do this, believe me, take the step, hold on to that rope and start climbing. It will get easier, that I promise.
You always have support here, 24/7 always someone here to help.
Happy New Year 2011.
Kimmie- Free since September 20-2009