Just a follow-up:
I made it thru my first week, one day at a time. I'm still feeling strong in my quit, I have been spending time continuing to seek knowledge on WhyQuit. Along with feeling strong, a new feeling is starting to surface - pride. I am still having the psychological triggers. I made an analogy of the triggers being like the ducks on a shooting range. I don't spend time admiring their shape or size or color, I don't wonder what it would be like to touch them. I just look where their coming from and shoot them down. I then take a couple of deep breaths and continue with my healing. Each day there are fewer ducks to shoot. Someday I might have nothing to shoot at! I will still really enjoying taking the deep breaths though, I enjoy not having any pain or coughing. My sense of smell is also getting amazing. I'm beginning to really see some of the advantages of not taking another puff.