NicVax Nicotine Vaccine is Dead

The below breaking Bloomberg news on Nabi's NicVax vaccine's failure to show effectiveness against placebo injections suggests two things:  (1) millions of nicotine addicts are in need of a new "coming magic cure" justification for putting off quitting, and (2) the vaccine's defeat was likely significantly worse than reported.

Since 2004, contrived headlines such as  "Nicotine Vaccine the End of Tobacco Era"  have teased and coaxed smokers into justifying putting off quitting.  Seven additional years of tobacco toxins slowly destroying their lungs, clogging their arteries and eating away their brain, millions of nicotine addicts now need a new justification for delaying any attempt to save their life.  

What few appreciate is that lies about coming magic cures feed the biggest lie of all, that life without smoking nicotine would be horrible.  What few smokers understand is that nicotine addiction is a brain wanting disorder,  a mental illness and disease as real, permanent and gripping as alcoholism.  What most claimed by their addiction fail to discover while still time is "The Law of Addiction," why one is always too many and a thousand never enough.   

So why are the below results likely worse than reported?  Because the study also offered participants ongoing counseling and support which we know has its own proven effectiveness. 

So why did the placebo group do so poorly?  Because experienced quitters joined this study seeking a way to minimize the withdrawal syndrome they'd felt during prior attempts and instead things felt the same.  Contrary to quitting study assertions, for smokers with lengthy quitting histories placebo-controlled smoking cessation studies are not blind as they have become experts at knowing exactly how withdrawal feels. 

If you'd joined a six injection vaccine study that promised that smoked nicotine would no longer be able to cross your blood-brain barrier to satisfy the wanting within, would you have stuck around and endured five more injections if you felt nicotine fully satisfy your wanting, just as it had done thousands of times before?  Neither did they.  And their early surrender after recognition that they'd been assigned to receive sugar-water placebo injections made the vaccine look far superior to its real worth.   

If you are a smoker who has stumbled upon this article at Freedom, we hope and pray that you don't leave until you've read the most important quitting lesson of all, "The Law of Addiction."  We hope you'll bookmark and return to spend a time exploring, that you'll watch our free quitting videos in Joel's Library, and that once ready for serious support you'll visit us again here at Freedom from Nicotine.   

Contrary to the message flowing from your hijacked brain dopamine pathways and the thousands of old nicotine replenishment memories they've helped record, coming home to the real you can be the most liberating and glorious journey you'll ever make!   Remember, there's just one rule to successful quitting ... just one puff spells defeat.   Just one rule ... no nicotine just one hour, challenge and day at a time!

Breathe deep, hug hard, live long,

John - Gold x12    


Nabi Shares Plunge After Smoke-Cessation
Drug Shown Ineffective in Study

Bloomberg - By Oliver Renick - Jul 18, 2011 1:03 PM ET
Nabi Biopharmaceuticals (NABI), the developer of a vaccine for nicotine addiction, plunged to a 13- year low in Nasdaq trading after the treatment for smoking cessation failed to show effectiveness.

Nabi, based in Rockville, Maryland, dropped $1.75, or 69 percent, to $1.75 at 12:53 p.m. New York time in Nasdaq Stock Market trading, after earlier declining to $1.55, the lowest price since October 1998.

The drug, NicVAX, is an experimental vaccine aimed at aiding smoking cessation and preventing relapses in recovering smokers. NicVAX didn’t help smokers quit in the first of two Phase 3 clinical trials designed to evaluate effectiveness, Nabi said today in a statement.

NicVAX is dead as currently configured,” Jeffrey Cohen, senior analyst at CK Cooper & Co. in Irvine, California, said in an interview. “Nabi’s recovery is somewhat unrealistic.”

Cohen has a “buy” rating that is under review, he said. He doesn’t own the stock.

Subjects using NicVAX quit smoking at a similar rate of 11 percent compared with subjects who received a placebo treatment, the company said. The study was part of the last of three stages of clinical trials generally required for U.S. regulatory approval.

Nabi is currently conducting a second round of Phase 3 trials that will analyze today’s results, President and Chief Executive Officer Raafat Fahim said in a webcast.

“We hope that our analysis over the next little while will shed light on the reasons for such surprising results,” Fahim said. “The trial was very well conducted.”

Nabi formed an exclusive option and license agreement for NicVAX with London-based GlaxoSmithKline Plc (GSK) in March 2010 that entitled Nabi to receive $20 million upon the successful completion of Phase 3 trials and up to $460 million in potential option fees.

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