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"I actually meant to pop up the string Never Take Another Puff..... the book instead of this string. It gave a more current explanation of the origins and progress of the book." Just fixed the link here.

Today I wanted to update current statistics. I kind of got lazy over the past few years and stopped tracking stats daily, instead checking every now and then. Well it seems I had not checked since May 2, and in the past couple of months we hit milestones for both the books and the videos. Sometime in the past two months both resources went over the four million download mark.

As of midnight Friday the book had been downloaded 4,069,162 times and there were 4,155,940 watched or listened to. Honestly, if you were to have told me back in I would have thought you were nuts. Here is what I wrote on the topic back in 2008:

"The "Never Take Another Puff" e-book has been downloaded 961,673 times since we started tracking it back on August 14 of 2005. I actually think we put the e-book up back on June 12 of 2003, but we really had no way of tracking how many of them were being downloaded at the time. I kind of thought that maybe five to ten a day were being downloaded, maybe with a little surge here and there when we did some kind of press release.

Then when we switched our hosting company in 2005 and actually had counters of individual page hits, I was stunned to find out that on average over 800 were going out every day. That number has continued to grow. The average number of downloads of the book that have occurred since August of 2005 is just about 1,664 per day.

So in reality, we are probably way over a million downloads already, considering we don't have the numbers for over two years, but I figured we would just do our announcements when we actually can see that the number of downloads are at the one million mark."

Like I said, I hadn't checked statistics for a couple of months. Over that time period the average daily download rate for the books are 1,335 books per day.The videos were being accessed at a little over a thousand a day. They are a little harder to track precisely because they are in various locations and various formats, between the site and various youtube channels.