Freedom's Milestone Color Clubs

Once you reach a milestone, add
yourself to the appropriate club :)

Before looking at the clubs themselves we ask that you reflect upon how they interact within a highly focused education oriented support forum. Although Freedom's color clubs are a great way to mark recovery, let's never forget that each and every hour and day that we continue to remain nicotine free is a victory in itself. Here and now, the next challenge (if any), is all that really matters and is vastly more important than any calendar divisions created by man.

Also important to note is that your healing and glory belong only to you and the expectation here at Freedom is that we are each entirely responsible for recognizing our own accomplishment and for feeling pride in our own achievement. Do not expect others to recognize or feel it for you. There is just far too much happening, many needs, and so little time.

Although the colors define our achievement status and serve as a rapid means of identifying and credentialing us to both visitors and new members, in truth the law of addiction applies equally to all. No matter how far we travel, our arrested dependency travels with us and we each remain equal in being just one puff away from relapse.

Most of our members have very limited time to be here with us each day. They work hard and their lives are full. How can they best devote their precious limited posting time with us? How would you recommend that they spend it?

If we are "expecting" others to rise in joyous celebration of our individual accomplishments then we will each at some point become extremely disappointed. Almost every day we have milestone parades. If our special day has not been acknowledged here at Freedom it is only because we failed to join the celebration!

Don't let Freedom become a crutch. It is a recovery tool and amazing resource built upon giving, but only "you" can protect your core motivations and the dreams flowing from them. Don't trust them to a quit buddy, to fears that may subside, to a busy doctor's desires, or condition their survival upon support or a lack of support from family, friends, or us.

You are the sole guardian and protector of your freedom. Discard "all" expectations and instead join us in our common and shared celebration of life!

After one calendar month you join Green

At three calendar months Bronze

At six calendar months Silver

At one year you achieve Gold

Months are calendar months
(not 30 days or 4 weeks!)

Freedom's Green Club

Although we associate the Green of a traffic light with "go" or "safety," and you are now skilled at using all the basic tools needed to fully navigate recovery, as with the color of bananas it also signifies that there is still some maturing to do before tasting the full enjoyment of this priceless gift of healing. By the one month mark, physical withdrawal is well behind us and the journey remaining is primarily psychological.
Here is where we focus upon reconditioning any remaining remote feeding cues,and sort through and come to terms with thousands of smoking memories. We do so by using our education, new understanding,and simple honest logic in overcoming any remaining denial that we were forced to create in order to insulate us from the harsh reality of chemical captivity and our own senseless self-destruction.
Like a broken arm in a cast, the healing from day 30 to 90 can seem ever so gradual. At times it may be hard to believe that the mind's addiction chatter will ever end and full comfort ever arrive. But if we'll only remain patient while remembering that our original reasons for quitting, and the dreams flowing from them, are the wind beneath our wings,we can take recovery just one day at a time while breathing new life back into our core motivations.

Freedom's Bronze Club

Hopefully going Bronze at three months symbolizes that you've taken the time to bathe your mind and its years of caked-up dependency denial, cost denial, and recovery denial in truthful light, while clothing it in education and understanding. Although you will still notice smokers as they feed their chemical need in the world around you, and have thoughts now and then about the years you spent as one of them, your time spent wanting to smoke nicotine is likely now down to just seconds per day.
Most of you have likely already experienced that first day where you never once wanted for nicotine but if not it's not far off. After the first such day they become more and more common until you'll awake to a new expectation of going your entire day without wanting.

Freedom's Silver Club

Gold, Silver, and Bronze, the precious metals traditionally given to award victory and excellence were chosen for Freedom with the same intent. Silver, marking 6 months nicotine free, is a wonderful opportunity to recall in as much detail as possible the daily realities of the bondage now under arrest. Situated between Bronze and Gold, Silver is an opportunity to reflect upon our amazing healing, vastly improved breathing, and new found endurance. It is a day for reflection and an opportunity to again revitalize our determination to never take another puff, dip, or chew as our newfound comfort from wanting can become such an accepted and expected part of life that we run the risk of beginning to take our freedom for granted.

Freedom's Gold Club

Arrival at Gold is that point in time where measuring glory in days and months begins to come to an end. It is that special day that will forever mark the calendar transition since our healing commenced. Some of you will no longer be able to locate or remember how to work your quit statistics counter but the math today is very simple - ONE ! We do hope that you will each return here to Freedom from time to time to share your glory with those still struggling, who find it almost unbelievable that an amazing sense of comfort and calmness awaits them.

Freedom doesn't just graduate successful quitters. She hopefully sends forth some of the most educated nicotine dependency recovery teachers the world has ever known. You each carry with you the keys to freedom's door and the ability to help make dreams come true!

Celebrate each day of your freedom!

No Nicotine Today!


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