I do not feel envy when I see a smoker in public as I did before. All I feel now is pity. I realize these poor people have no idea of the real problem that cigarettes is causing to their health. They have not read all the information that clearly states how smoking cigarettes causes issues with your teeth/mouth/throat/lungs/skin/fingers/toes/etc(see below):

Smoking prematurely ages skin by wearing away proteins that give it elasticity, depleting it of vitamin A and restricting blood flow. Smokers' skin is dry, leathery and etched with tiny lines, especially around the lips and eyes. My friend calls that Monkey Mouth. Pretty huh?

Smoking depletes the body of Vitamin C and lowers immune functions. Smokers are more likely to have colds or other illnesses normally fought off by a healthy immune system. If a smoker has HIV (which is about 30% of them), they are more likely to have complications and be sick more frequently.

Smoking interferes with the mouth's chemistry, creating excess plaque and yellowing teeth. There is some evidence that smoking contributes to tooth decay. Smokers are one and half times more likely to lose their teeth.

One out of three deaths in the world is due to cardiovascular diseases. Smoking is one of the biggest risk factors for developing cardiovascular diseases. These diseases kill more than a million people a year in developing countries. Smoking-related cardiovascular diseases kill more than 600 000 people each year in developed countries. Smoking makes the heart beat faster, raises blood pressure and increases the risk of hypertension and clogged arteries and eventually causes heart attacks and strokes.

Smoking reduces resistance to the bacteria that cause stomach ulcers. It also impairs the stomach's ability to neutralize acid after a meal, leaving the acid to eat away the stomach lining. Smokers' ulcers are harder to treat and more likely to recur. Smoking also causes more bacteria to live in the lungs which again prevents normal immunity functions.

If you think about having a relapse, just read this a few times. It works for me! Just remember, it is an illusion that cigarette smoking is enjoyable, stress-relieving, boredom-relieving, nor a choice. It is an addiction that can be overcome in a matter of 72 hours. I am proof, so is everyone else on this forum. God bless.