It's our policy at Freedom that applicants and members utilize names that do not call attention to themselves, create a diversion within the group, or that might otherwise detract from our mission at Freedom, which is nicotine cessation.

No forum name may tell us personal information such as political preference, social positions, express sexual statements or orientation, marital status, ethnic background or anything that draws unwarranted attention to the poster or might otherwise be unsuitable on a "G" rated and family oriented messageboard.

We also at times ask new applicants to change proposed names in order to avoid confusion with existing active member names, to avoid forcing members to type a new member's name when that name suggests negative or defeatist views (ICantDoThis), or appears contrary to the philosophy of abrupt nicotine cessation (a.k.a. cold turkey quitting).

If a name shows one of our color club colors (green, bronze, silver, gold) we require that the color be removed until that milestone has been reached.

We always ask applicants to change their proposed name if it mentions their livelihood, job description, a web site or if it is of a religious nature.

Again, we do so in order to keep Freedom highly focused on our mission (nicotine cessation recovery). Over the years we've seen names create unnecessary debate and controversy that had nothing whatsoever to do with our mission. "Freedom from Nicotine" and "Freedom of Speech" are two entirely different objectives. Quitting truly can be a life or death matter. Freedom is a classroom environment that mandates controls in order to maintain group focus.

What we seek is your full cooperation in helping us keep Freedom focused exclusively on our mission which is to teach people about nicotine addiction and to give them the tools to remain nicotine free.

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