Making Your First Post

If not yet a member of Freedom please read   
How To Join.

Freedom's message boards exist for one reason only, as an aid to all visiting the forum in remaining nicotine free today.  Freedom is a 100% nicotine-clean forum on which all  members have agreed to abide by the forum's Relapse Policy by pledging to permanently surrender forum posting privileges should they ever again put any nicotine into their body.   The most important posting rule of all is to honor our pledge.

There must be at least one place on earth where recovering nicotine addicts can find sanctuary from the drug that would destroy them, a place where nicotine has no voice. We are not here to listen to justifications for relapse because, frankly, there are none. 

Courtesies and Rules

Before making your first post please carefully read Freedom's 
Courtesies & Rules as member posting privileges are conditioned on adherence to them.  By far, the most frequent member violations are mentioning products by name and language violations. We want young children and their teachers feeling totally comfortable visiting, reading and learning about nicotine dependency.  If your word choice isn't suitable for very young children please pick another word.  The acceptance letter sent to you when you joined contained a list of sample words to demonstrate and give you a feel of the extent to which this policy is enforced. 

A Deadly Serious Forum

In making your first post, keep in mind that Freedom's message boards and profile pages are not for general socialization or debate, that Freedom is home to nicotine addicts, many of whom are fighting for their very lives and some of whom will die if they lose. Many arrive  knowing in their hearts, lungs, bloodstreams and minds that their window of opportunity for successful recovery is rapidly closing. Others are already dealing with cancer, recovering from a heart attack or stroke, have advanced lung disease, or must stop using before their physician will go forward with necessary surgery. This is a battle that many here cannot and must not lose!

Your Initial Posting Options

Most new members start by creating a journal/diary.  We often have a daily parade thread in which we can proudly share our statistics and milestone anniversaries. It is very important that you not depend upon the group to remember or celebrate your recovery milestones or you will be very disappointed. There is far too much happening here at Freedom and most of our members have so little time to spend with us each day. Don't let your accomplishment go unnoticed, join us in our daily parade and proudly strut your stuff or, better yet, awaken early and start the new day's parade!

We do not engage in debate of any kind at Freedom as debate does nothing to further our mission of staying nicotine free today and can tend to be divisive as member opinions vary greatly.

Before making your first post/diary please read the following threads:

Let Your First Message Board Post
Also Serve as Your Diary/Journal

We strongly encourage you to use your first post not only to introduce yourself to us but also as an ongoing recovery diary/journal to which you can always quickly refer in order to accurately measure your progress and healing. It will not only let you create a record of your progress but will allow us to reach into your thinking and lend guidance when needed.

What are your reasons for quitting? What was it like living in chemical slavery?
The wind beneath your recovery wings isn't composed of strength or mountains of willpower but upon the dreams and simple honest truths learned from years of living the self-destructive life of a chemical addict. Those truths are reflected in your reasons for quitting.

Our minds are conditioned to suppress memories of stress, pain, and anguish. You will not accurately recall the details of early recovery within just a couple of weeks and your reasons list will likely shrink.

Your detailed list of reasons can serve as a first line of defense during any recovery challenge.

Don't worry about typing skills or spelling as we could care less about such things. There is no class system here and many of our members are from countries where English is not the primary language. Let your guard down and simply be you!

You can expect our members to be as frank and honest as possible in trying to help open your mind and thinking.

It is our mission at Freedom to provide you with information and truth about nicotine addiction and recovery.

To make your first post and begin
your recovery journal/diary:

1. On Freedom's Home page locate the sub-heading Support.

2. Click on  The Message Board.

3. On the bottom right corner of the page click on New Topic, which will open up a box for you to write in.

4. Be sure to give your diary/journal a title.

5. Remember to use language that is appropriate for children to read while studying nicotine cessation recovery (often while looking over their loved one's shoulder).

6. Also remember that we do not allow brand or product names, book titles, or any kind of recommendations for products.

7. There is a Preview button for you to use if you'd like and when you're ready just click Post and your diary will show up on the board.

8. Now it's time to make that post! Congratulations on commencing on what just might be the most wonderful journey of your life!

No Nicotine Just One

Challenge & Day at a Time!


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