This is the version of how to copy links for masochists.
Unless they do not work it is much easier to follow the steps in
How to add links to your post - Short version

You have been warned.
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These instructions assume that you have a rudimentary knowledge of working with your browser. There are many browsers available today and many versions in use. I could not possibly write instructions for all of them. I am only familiar with Internet Explorer and Firefox. While the screen shots you see below may not match what you see exactly as you follow the steps, they will be close enough for you to follow along and learn the process.

In this example you will create a link to the article, Boy, do I miss smoking! however, these instructions will work for any article you would like to link. This article is found in the Topic Index where you can find many educational articles to which you can create links in your posts. It is a good place to go on a treasure hunt. image

Open two browser windows or if your browser allows the use of tabs then open two tabs.
In both tabs or both open browser windows browse to http://ffn.yuku.com
  • In browser window 1, open a copy of your diary then click Add a Reply
  • If you don't have a diary or if you prefer, you may add a reply to this message for practice.
    • We will use your diary or the reply to this message to practice adding a link.
  • In browser window 2 scroll down on the ffn.yuku.com home page to the heading that reads:
  • How to Use and Join Freedom
    • Click on the link Topic Index to open the Topic Index forum.
    • In the Topic Index forum click on the link Index of Highlight Topics
    • Here you will find an alphabetical listing of educational articles by Joel Spitzer, John Polito and other forum members which focus on recovery.
    • Scroll down and locate the article named, Boy, do I miss smoking!
    • Click on the article to open it.
    • When the article opens, the URL for the article appears in the text field of the navigation bar of your browser where you originally typed http://ffn.yuku.com
    • Highlight the URL then right click the highlighted text and select copy.
    • The URL is now stored in memory (also known as your clipboard) so you can paste it elsewhere.
  • Open browser window 1 again where you opened the reply to your diary or to this post.
    • For the sake of this exercise type the following text into the reply. Boy, do I miss smoking!
    • After you have typed the text highlight it with your mouse. (Whatever text you highlight will become part of the link.)
    • On the toolbar of your reply is an icon that looks like chain links.
    • image

    • Click the the chain links icon and a form will appear to create your link.
    • image

    • In the text field labeled url delete the existing text (http://) then paste your URL from Boy, do I miss smoking! article.
    • image

    • Click OK.
    • Your link will now be underlined and blue in color like this example. Boy, do I miss smoking!
    • Post your entry then test your link by clicking it to insure that it works.
      • The link will not work until you have posted your message.
A common mistake is to leave the original text in the URL field so that you have
This will cause the link to fail. Be sure to delete the text in the URL field of the Link form before you insert your URL.

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