I'm sure you've heard the World Health Organization statistic that if current trends continue we should expect one billion smoking related deaths before century's end.  This link is to a CNN video clip showing smoking trends around the globe.

Notice the CNN commentator's use of the word "habit" in describing smoking.  As you hear that word ask yourself a child or teen's definition of habit.  What habits might they have known?  Which one generated anxieties, craves and urges when quitting?  How can CNN expect viewers to understand why one billion will die when few children, teens or young adults have any understanding as to what nicotine dependency is or how quickly it can occur? 

Take a look at this article by Joel entitled "Kids Just Don't Get It" and the associated video clip.



Still just one rule if I want to stay here on the free side of the bars while keeping my dependency arrested on the other:  none today!

Breathe deep, hug hard, live long!

John (Gold x13)